1. Science and technology in mining and processing
1 Exploration and extraction of petroleum  and gas
2 Oil deep refining and oil chemistry
3 Chemistry and physics of polymers
4 Chemical technology of inorganic substances, silicate materials and metallurgy
2. Current problems of development of technologies and techniques  
1  Prospects for the development of agriculture and food industry
2 Modern technology and equipment in light and textile industry
3  Mechanics, mechanical engineering, transport and logistics
4  “Green” building, technology and materials
3. Computer Sciences and Information Technologies 
1 Theoretical and applied research in physical and mathematical sciences
2 Software Development (Software Engineering)
3 IT- technologies  and  production automation
4 GIS –technologies
4. Ecology and nature management
1 Water resources and their rational use
2 Improving the soil fertility in the Central Asia and Kazakhstan
3 Global and regional environmental protection issues
4 Tourism industry and development of geoparks
5. Renewable energy and energy saving technologies
1 Modern technology in solar industry
2 innovative directions in wind power industry
3 Perspectives of biogas technology development
4 Life issues and tendencies of development in hydropower industry
5 Green Design and energy saving architecture
6. Present state and prospects of nano- and biomaterials development
1 Applied nanotechnology and nanodevices
2 Modern direction in the sphere of nanomaterials and nanocomposites processing
3 Achievements in the sphere of biotechnology and biomaterials
7. Intellectual potential
1 Globalization of engineering education as a factor of development of intellectual potential
2 Improvement of education quality management
3 Methods of education and professional   training of the modern engineer